Photo Finish(ed)

I finished Photo Finish and debuted her at Kaizoku Con a few weeks ago as my last hurrah for the summer. The con was iiiittty bitty tiny, but still fun, and the ponies were out in full force!  Okay, there were three of us, but seriously, anything more than one is a cosplay group in full force as far as I’m concerned. And we may have convinced a former Rainbow Dash cosplayer to come out of retirement, so then we’ll have even more force! And be 20% cooler.

I think the best part of this costume, in addition to it being comfy (except for those darned shoes) was that I could carry my big camera and still be in character. Except I couldn’t see anything through the pink-tinted sunglasses, so I kept having to take them off. Oh well.

And now, some photos for your Friday viewing pleasure!


^ PF, Rarity (Karmada from CrashBang Labs) and Princess Celestia (That Game Girl), whose costume did not kill us despite its best efforts.


^PF creeps on Celestia


The ponies and Alice (LunaLadyofLight) do the post-costume-contest Can-Can. Yup. Anime conventions. This is what we do.

Happy Friday!


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