About Me

Hiya, everyone! When I started this blog I was a grad student at a mid-western USA university, working towards my PhD in Classics and attempting to preserve my (little remaining) sanity in the meantime. In August 2015 I defended my dissertation  and am now officially “not that kind of doctor.” Want to know about smell in Latin literature? Ask me!

I’ve been sewing since 2001, having been seriously inspired by Ngila Dickson’s amazing work on LOTR, and started cosplaying in 2008.

I like Petoskey stones, bubble tea, and ancient [methods of constructing and navigating] authorship and readership; wigs, the passive periphrastic, and sharp pointy objects; papyri, fabric, and fabric with papyri on it (if you find any, let me know!); the ’57 Bel Air (but I’d also take a ’58), smell (especially in ancient literature), and things made of leather; lightsabres, dead languages, and fantasy novels; coffee, ancient biographies, and tricola (ascending or otherwise). I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf, am learning to cook Indian and Korean food, and really really wish that my apartment had a fireplace.

Find me on Facebook at PhD Cosplay.


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Yes, some of them (the academic ones :P) are kind of outdated at this point. I should probably go in and edit!
      Yay for any and all sewing! My commitment has died since I had to pack up all my fabric to move back home. Some day I’ll feel like box-diving!

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