Choose wisely

So Dragon Con, a huge general-geekery and costuming con in Atlanta, GA, has come and gone, and once again I wasn’t there. For some reason I always manage to forget it exists until about the week before, when “GAH I HAVEN’T FINISHED MY COSTUME” posts begin appearing in my newsfeed.  Some day I’ll get there, I hope, and maybe I’ll even be one of those weirdos who finishes her costume on time!

Anywhoo, Jen from Epbot was there, which means an awesomely-detailed post about her own experiences as well as amazing cosplay photos! I just wanted to share one, because it made me smile.


These people are either wizards with makeup, or they are doing an excellent job cosplaying characters appropriate to their age/size/build/etc. I am a firm believer in “anyone of any age, size, color, disability, etc. can cosplay any character they want”, but I have to admit that some of my favorite cosplays are those which exploit the age/size/whathaveyou of the cosplayer. Bodybuilders cosplaying The Boulder? Guy in a wheelchair cosplaying Mr. Brenner? Old ladies cosplaying Sophie? (Not gonna lie, I’ve already started a list of “old lady characters” to cosplay when I’m 60. It’s gonna be epic.) Heck yes! I totally support people cosplaying whatever they want, but I think it’s cool when someone looks at him or herself and says “I have X characteristic and I’m going to OWN IT.” Really awesome example.

On the other hand, I also want to give a HUGE thumbs up to the Fem!Indy. Not only is she completely recognizable despite the genderbend, but it’s a male character turned female without sexing it up at all! She’s got a skirt that comes down to her knees! Her stomach isn’t showing! She’s not wearing a leather bra! THIS IS SO REFRESHING, PEOPLE. Seriously, google-image “female Indiana Jones.” I’ll wait.



I’ll save the rant about the role of sex appeal in cosplay for another post, or maybe no post at all. For now, happy Friday, and be sure to choose wisely!


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