GenCon ’15 and the end of an era

Hi all! It’s time for a major update and hopefully a return (beginning) to blogging more regularly.

First, I submitted my dissertation for final approval on Friday, and yesterday morning I received my “This person has completed all the requirements for the PhD” certificate, so I am OFFICIALLY DONE! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I won’t get the actual diploma till at least December and probably more like Jan-Feb (although my Masters should be coming sometime this fall), but until then the certificate is hanging on the fridge. 😀

Backtrack to the first weekend of August, when I submitted my finished dissertation to my committee from Bee Coffee Roasters in downtown Indianapolis, right in the middle of GenCon. Cue almost instant panic–what if I forgot something? What if they hate it and rip it apart? What if etc. etc. etc.

A month-ish later I had my defense, and fortunately they did not hate it. I was, however, attacked by a kamikaze bumblebee on the way in, and since I haven’t been stung by a bee in about 20 years… you guessed it: cue instant panic. What if I die?? What if I go into anaphylactic shock and have to go to the hospital and miss my defense? Fortunately neither of those things happened, but I did defend barefoot because my shoe strap sat exactly overtop the bee sting and the two bandaids I put on it. So…. yeah. Dissertation defenses. Good times.

Anyhow, back to GenCon! Other than mild dissertation-submission panic it was great! I pretty much spent all my time at the Writer’s Symposium, where I was lucky enough to meet Scott Lynch and Michael J. Sullivan, two authors I’ve been reading recently. You may recall me gushing about reading Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations in a previous post, so I was especially excited to meet him.

Cosplay-wise it was a very Star Wars-y weekend. I’ve almost finished my “generic Jedi” for the Rebel Legion and it was done enough to wear (just needs props on the belt), so I did Jocasta twice, generic Jedi, and then an obscure Sunday cosplay:


Anyone recognize me? 16 people at GenCon did, which was 15 more than I expected. 😀 I’m really happy with how the helmet came out given all the straight lines I had to do and my ongoing inability to spraypaint things properly. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? You spray it on, it dries, you do a happy dance, repeat. AND YET!

My friend Karmada debuted her Halo armor as Agent Texas from Red vs. Blue. It is super awesome and makes her look big and imposing and all space-marine-y. We managed to get a few photos together but got a bit confused partway through:

“Wait, what do I do with this?”

So good times had by all. I marched in the costume parade with a whole bunch of other SW folks, met a Wookie from Australia, and spilled chicken tikka masala all down the front of Jocasta (but it came out! THANK GOODNESS!). Many tasty Bee Coffee lattes were drunk, many out-of-town friends were visited, and the passive voice was used with reckless abandon.

Next up: staffing Anime World Expos in Chicago!

P.s. If you don’t recognize me, I’m Commander Keen from the 1990s video/computer came of the same name. Still hunting for a lightweight pogo stick.


Cosplay what you love

I’ve had a lot of discussions with fellow cosplayers about cosplay fame, how to get noticed at cons or online, and whether it’s even worth trying. In the last year especially I have begun to care less and less about whether I get noticed. I distinctly recall going to GenCon last year, having a great time, and then coming home to a Facebook feed filled with professional cosplay photos and wondering, “Why do we think is so important?” It was a very eye-opening moment, and it made me pause and consider how often cosplayers, at least online, present themselves as, essentially, models.

That said, I love getting my picture taken as much as the next cosplayer–it’s a sign that someone is enthusiastic about your character/costume and wants to remember that they saw you, and it’s especially nice to have quality pictures that showcase your work. I want to share Oogli Sabers and Stuff‘s Jedi Temple guard costume because I think it’s very relevant to this discussion (also because I like saying the word Oogli):

Photo by Joits Photography:

Photo by Joits Photography:

These guards appear in just 3 episodes out of the entire 6-season Clone Wars show. I watched that whole show, but I’ll admit, I wouldn’t have recognized the character if I’d passed him at a con. When it comes to cosfame, a lot of people worry that if they cosplay characters that they like but who aren’t well known/from a popular show, they won’t get any attention. Of course there’s nothing wrong with cosplaying a recognizable and popular character, and hey, sometimes those are the best! But other times that minor character who only shows up in two episodes is the one you really want to do instead, and even if you aren’t cosplaying to get noticed, it can definitely be a downer when you’ve put so much work into a costume and then no one even looks at you. With that in mind, a few thoughts about getting (accidentally?) noticed, most inspired by this costume:

–Cosplay what you love. Whether you love the character or the costume design, you’re going to do a better job constructing the outfit if you care about what you’re representing, and you’re (probably) going to be less concerned about spending a bunch of money on a costume if you actually want to make it. Chances are you’ll also be more enthusiastic and confident wearing the outfit, which in itself can draw attention. No one wants to approach a sad, surly looking cosplayer.

–Cosplay it *well*. This costume may be obscure, but it is SO WELL DONE that the craftsmanship alone invites passersby to stop and look. Now, I’m NOT pushing the “do it right or not at all” mentality here; if you want to cosplay, do it, no matter your skill level. I do think it’s worth pointing out, though, that a clean, well made costume goes a looong way towards catching the eye, even if your fellow con-goers don’t know who you are. I always have time to look at a beautifully constructed costume!

–Step away from the real world. (What’s that? You’re dressed in a costume, wearing a wig, and surrounded by fellow geeks at a convention? No, further. Step further.) Again, this cosplay may be obscure, but it’s also a really cool costume design, and that definitely helps. Obviously picking a costume just for its flair can be problematic (picking it just because you want to get looked at, or choosing something so outlandish it’s going to make you broke/insane/both), but note that if you want attention and all your character is wearing is pants and an interesting coat, you may get mistaken for a congoer who just happens to be wearing a wig and shops at places cooler than JC Penny. *cough* True story, before I was familiar with Death Note I mistook an L cosplayer for someone who hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before and hadn’t bothered to brush her hair. *whistle* If you’re trying to decide on your next cosplay and you’ve got a list of ideas, all other things being equal, go for the most visually interesting. It might force you to learn new skills and try new patterns in the process!

–Get in a group. (This lesson is of course not inspired by the picture.) Story time: I went on a Rebel Legion troop last Saturday with Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Boba Fett, among others. You walk into a carnival full of kids with those three characters and NO ONE is going to notice the three random Jedi walking around (okay, Jocasta’s not random, but she’s obscure, and kids go for well known face characters). The three of us plus Mara Jade decided we wanted some photos of ourselves at the carnival, so we all got together and started posing for our photographer. Immediately six people walking by stopped and whipped out their phones, and little kids started coming forward to pose with us. Lesson: the more of a spectacle you can make, the better.

Of course this requires having a group to cosplay with or being willing to invite yourself into others’ groups, and that’s HARD. I’m terrible at it, in large part because I go to so few cons that it’s difficult to even find someone I could group with who wouldn’t get frustrated at my constant lack of availability. That said, if you can get in a group, it can’t hurt. Plus it’s more fun.

–Carry a double-bladed lightsaber.

…okay, that one may not actually apply. But seriously, check out OS&S’s custom-designed lightsabers; they’re amazing!

–Cosplay what you love. Just in case you missed it the first time. 🙂

And as a final offering on this Mothers’ Day, a photo of my mom (second from left) dressed as Samwise Gamgee for a showing of Return of the King. You know you’re winning when your mom is willing to dress up for things! Happy Mothers’ Day, all!



Nerd level up

Today I got my first “grown-up” lightsaber, i.e. not one with a retractable blade:

IMG_1933 (640x427) IMG_1934 (640x427) IMG_1935 (640x427)

Isn’t it shiiinnnyyyy??? It made it all the way here from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by way of San Francisco. I have no idea why it went that route, but hey, it’s here in time for my troop tomorrow at the University of Michigan’s Star Wars baseball game, so yay!

Saber is an Ascend stunt saber from Genesis Custom Sabers. I opted for no sound ($$$$), so I’ll be making all sorts of silly noises while carrying it!

Possible actual review to come, but for now I’m just basking in the blue glow. 😀