Happy Earth Day

From Toph and the Earth Kingdom.


Dissertation crackdown

Hola, readers! Just a quick check-in to let you all know that I have FINALLY started writing the second chapter of my dissertation.

*pause for celebration and the FF Victory theme*

Anyway, I met with my advisor (who is back in the US this year; yay!) last week and agreed to write one page of dissertation per day. So far, all signs point to “this is going to be way harder than it sounds.” A page (double-spaced) is, what, 300-400 words? It really should not be that challenging. I just word-counted what I’ve written of this post so far and it’s 200 words. Some days, though I just don’t have anything to say. Shocking, I know, especially in the world of The Internet. But sometimes I’m having a brain fart and other times I’ve finished talking about one text and haven’t started reading the next text on my List of Texts to Discuss. At which point the writing will stall, or turn out reaaaally lousy. Probably some of both. I will try very hard not to send that part to my advisor.

Right now, though, I’m ploughing through the comic playwright Plautus, and since I’ve already read and taken notes on the first half of the plays, I should be all set for at least a few weeks. When I run dry on Plautus, you’ll know, because sewing-project pictures will start surfacing again. Also, fair warning, my posts will probably be filled with Plautine potty humor. Whoooo, fart jokes! (And you thought the Romans were all serious and stuff…)

In the meantime, here’s that big blue petticoat in progress:


I have the top layer still to go, but it’s on hold while I make part of a Halloween costume for a friend. Fortunately it’s straight out of a pattern, so once I get going it should be a pretty quick project. That also means I’m unlikely to actually get my own Halloween costume made (I’ve been meaning to make a Jedi costume for YEARS and have finally settled on Jocasta Nu, the head librarian of the Jedi Archives). I’m thinking I might be Toph this year and see how many trick-or-treaters recognize me now that Avatar has been out for 8 years. 8 YEARS. HOLY CRAP, guys, I feel old.

And on that note, happy Tuesday!