Star Wars, Episode VII: The Stitching Continues

…that’s the official title, right?

Sorry I’ve been AWOL again, everyone! I could share the 30+ pages of dissertation I’ve written in the last 5 weeks (yay!), but I’m not sure it’d get a very favorable review in its current state. It’s coming along, though, and the writing coach at the dissertation institute has said several times that he really enjoys my writing style, so that’s a bonus!

I’ve been doing miscellaneous cosplay things lately, although for the past week or so I’ve been marathoning Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. SO GOOD. I didn’t believe Karmada when she said it was so much better than the original, but she was right. *Grovels* I’d recommend it as a gateway anime except that it’s rather long, relatively speaking. But anyway, if you’ve seen FMA but not the reboot, I can now HIGHLY recommend it.

And now for random cosplay updates:


The Jocasta tabards. One front is done (and ironed but not re-interfaced), and one back is in progress. I’m using two designs for the four sides — the left front will match the right back, and the right back will match the left front. Mostly because that relieves me of the extra burden of completely fabricating designs for the backs, which are barely even pictured in the film. Lazy or practical? You decide!


Swords for Kit. These are just paper patterns — I’m going to try out EVA foam prop-making this summer, which means getting a dremel (which, incidentally, WordPress says is spelled wrong). Hoping “….and Sewing is Half the Battle” can give me a recommendation on one. After that, it’ll be a matter of finding a place to actually do the dremeling. Is that a word? Dreming? Dremelizing!


Pikachu pants: mockup edition. I sacrificed three pairs of pants, including my favorite pair of jeans (which were holey and unwearable anyway), making this mockup. Now to get muslin so I can try making an entire pair of pants. All signs point to, walking with poofs this big is going to be a PAIN. I have not ruled out making a skirt instead.

….aaaand, that’s about it for now. My dissertation institute workshop is this Friday, and I’m almost done with Brotherhood, after which I should be able to focus more on sewing and dremelizing. Meanwhile, I have sample wig hair soaking in fabric softener, which I’m told takes some of the shine out, and the Mami wig soaking in wig conditioner, which I really hope will take some of the glue out. Between all that and the fresh paint job downstairs, my apartment smells weeeird.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars, Episode VII: The Stitching Continues

  1. Pardon me – random Googler here. I’m hoping you’ll share a little info for the good of the cosplay universe? šŸ™‚

    I’m wondering from where you derived the pattern on the tabards and obi. I’ve been looking for some kind of source file everywhere, and I can’t find a starting point. Helping my lady get a costume put together for Halloween and next year’s Celebrations šŸ™‚

    (she’s actually going for Atris, but the pattern appears to be the same)


    • Hello! I am happy to help the cosplay universe, although I don’t know how much help it will be! I actually made the ansata patterns by blowing up an image of the costume (, putting tracing paper over my laptop, and then tracing them out and taped them all together. First I figured out how wide I wanted the obi and tabards to be based on my own measurements/proportionality, cut tracing paper to the proper width, and then blew up the image until it was the same width as the paper and traced the designs on. For the backs of the tabards I just used the same designs over because I couldn’t find images of the back — so the front right matches the back left, etc. For the obi I traced as much as I could see in the image and then just made the rest up.

      If you want to go that route, there are a bunch of pictures from a costume exhibit in this album, which were really helpful in addition to the one I shared above:

      Given the lack of any other pattern, though, I will see what I can do about making mine available online — I’ll have to recopy them onto some other paper and then scan them, which may take a while, but then at least they’ll be out there.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. šŸ™‚

      • Helps a lot, thanks! I don’t know about my particular case – my lady is skilled with a pencil so could probably follow your example pretty easily – but I bet a lot of cosplayers out there would be excited to have an actual, downloadable file of a Jedi historian pattern. Thank you for responding šŸ™‚

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