Pause for props

I’m not very good at props. For all the sewing I do, I’m not sure I’d say I’m very “crafty,” and I’m constantly amazed at some of the things cosplayers come up with when making props. You got that piece from the plumbing department of the hardware store? That used to be a soda can? Craft foam can DO that?? And so on. I’ll be looking into EVA foam for Kit’s swords, but until then, a prop appreciation post…

Meet Orange Caramel.

In case it isn’t obvious, they’re a Kpop group, a subset of the larger group After School. Which is an odd name, because, from what I understand about the Korean school system, after school involves sleep and very little else. But I digress.

Kpop is known for its music video extravaganzas — amazing costumes, unique effects, bright colors or classy black and whites, awesome dancing, and so on, even when, for all that, an unfortunate number of videos seem to be shot in doctored-up square rooms. See Eat Your Kimchi for many laments over poor imprisoned Kpop stars and MV set monotony. Orange Caramel, though, is one of those fun, quirky groups that’s always fun to see. They don’t resort to sex appeal to sell their stuff, and their videos are filled with so much wacky creative energy that you know whatever they put out is going to be genuinely enjoyable to watch, no matter how the song sounds. Go check out Lipstick — the MV revolves around a pingpong match. And the entire thing is ORANGE. So much orange…

This video takes the cake. Or the sushi, as it were. I just LOVE the effort they put into making the sets and props look real. You’ve got the OC girls dressed as mermaids packaged up exactly like fish you’d buy from the supermarket:


They’ve even got price tags!

You’ve got male comedian Kim Dae-Seung dressed as the pompous octopus gloating over “her” exorbitant price tag and elaborate presentation on the sushi conveyor belt:


Look at the tentacles! And the plate! And the orange…ball…things..what are those called? Caviar! Sorry, it’s late and past my bed time, but I’m too busy admiring the sushi.

Then you’ve got fake rice, an oversized soy sauce tray complete with garnish, and my personal favorite, GIANT chop sticks!


And to top it off, the girls are dancing on a giant sushi tray:


Somewhere out there on the internet is a GIF of Syndrome from the Incredibles saying “I’m still geeking out about it!”, but I haven’t been able to find one despite repeated searches. But that’s how I feel about this video. It’s just so visually COOL because all of the props are so well done. The chopsticks have grooves at the end. The price tags have bar codes and expiration dates, and the styrofoam containers have texture. The MV is not only loaded with props, it’s loaded with detail, and that’s what makes it so fun to watch.

And the song’s catchy, too!



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