Progress at last!

Yes indeed, after months of practically nothing, I have finally caught some forward momentum. Forward cosplay momentum, that is, although I’m hoping for forward dissertation momentum as soon as I come up with a suitable organizational scheme for the chapter. Currently leaning towards “character” and “performance”, which is a completely contrived division, but I’ve got to break it down somehow or it’s just going to be unwieldy.

Unwieldy is a weird word.

Anyway. After several hours (would’ve been fewer if my department laptop weren’t slower than a wizard jinxed by Impedimenta) with the projector in the Latin classroom, I successfully transferred all the designs onto the obi, took it home, and started sewing. Whoooo! About 3-4 inches in, I examined my progress from a variety of distances and decided that I’d sewn the lines too far apart:


And since I hadn’t done very much, I decided, after some angsting, to start over. I might have just adjusted the width on the original and kept going, since this bit would be in the back anyway, but as you can see, I’d drawn all the lines on already, and a wash-test proved that they would not easily come out. Bah. Humbug! Fortunately, I acquired fresh tracing paper on Sunday which actually transferred the designs to the fabric. The lines are still pretty light, and I’m going to darken them with a felt-tip pen so I can see them more easily, but this removed the need for several more hours with the projector and Ivan the Slow and Not-So-Terrible, so I got going on Take 2 right away.

NB: I told a friend who quilts about all my woes trying to get these designs onto the fabric, and she said, “Why don’t you just use a really lightweight paper, sew right over it, and then rip the paper off? That’s what I do for quilting!”

…….so, erm, yeah. I could have done that, too. Cue Homer Simpson! I think I neglected to mention in my “how I cosplay” post that I have a terrible habit of choosing the most complicated method of doing anything. Not usually on purpose, mind you, although the fact that I’m sewing these designs on rather than painting them speaks to my masochism, I think.

Anyway, here’s Take 2:


I think Take 1 actually looks nicer, but it doesn’t match the original, so nitpickyness wins! Two passes with heavy-duty thread per line, followed by a second line reaaally close to the first. Doing circles, and any curves, is a nightmare. 😀 I’m going to see if my machine can do a double needle, because that would speed up the process considerably. I also need a walking foot, because the fabric is stretching juuust slightly going width-wise, and that’s not going to be cool when I do the tabards.


In other news, I washed my Photo Finish top and….well… it’s not really black and white any more. It’s kind of black and blueish-white? The white stripes now have that faded, used-to-be-white-10-years-ago look to them. I’d file this away under “Dumb things grad school makes you do” except that I don’t see how I could have avoided this one. I washed it in cold water and it bled anyway. Anyway, it’s not horrendous, and I think I’ll feel all right wearing it to any upcoming pony events, but I’m back on the lookout for black-and-white-striped fabric in the meantime. To the internets!


3 thoughts on “Progress at last!

  1. Hii, I am looking into doing a Jocasta Nu costume because I am actually am a library folk and thought it would be fun to do a story time for the kids in. Would you be so kind as to share your tabbard & obi pattern with me including the embroidery design? Much appreciated.

    • Hi Sharon! Jocasta for story time would be awesome!
      Unfortunately, 90% of what I own is currently packed away in boxes, and that includes the embroidery design. If I can find where they’re packed I’ll definitely scan them in and share them, though.

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