Shuto Con

You can probably tell from the content of the most recent blog posts that not much cosplay is going on over here. I’ve hit a block on Jocasta, as my attempt to transfer the ansata using the overhead projector failed (it blew the image up too big and I could zoom in far enough to actually make it fit the fabric); next up is trying the computer projector rather than the traditional transparency projector. If that doesn’t work, it’s off to find higher quality transfer paper. Meanwhile, all of my free time otherwise has been taken up by a Harry Potter marathon. Three words: DOWN WITH UMBRIDGE!

I did attend ShutoCon in Lansing on Saturday, just for the day, since my friend at That Game Girl was giving panels and offered me a ride. Hilarity ensued. Seriously, did you know it’s possible to pull muscles in your cheeks if you laugh too hard? IT TOTALLY IS.

Despite the fact that I was dressed as a fashion photographer (Photo Finish), which not only gives me license to carry my camera but practically requires it, I still only managed to get a few good cosplay shots, although I have a GREAT one of TGG miming laying a dragon egg at one of her panels. Here are the few that I did get, though, for your viewing pleasure!


Ms. Frizzle, complete with Liz! This was such a well-made costume — all the applique looked great!


Steampunk Ursula, complete with…



Amazing back..power-upper… thing!



My friend Karmada from Crash Bang Labs as her Level 50 Weaver, Gaufrier, from FFXIV.



Queen Elsa from Frozen. Her cloak was AWESOME and shiny. She was also willing, despite the massive cloak and dress, to participate in a bunch of TGG’s interactive games, some of which included dropping dead and other potentially costume-dirtying things. Props to you, Elsa cosplayer!


Flim and Flam from My Little Pony, complete with their Miracle Tonic! They even sang me their song.


Moments before an epic battle broke out between the two sides. Some 501st, I assume, and possible Rebel Legion members as well.


CAFFEINATE! CAFFEINATE! From the episode “Victory of the Daleks”


…and, since I mentioned it, TGG laying an egg. Fair warning, if she finds it, I might have to take it down. 😉



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