Unappreciated superpowers

I’m always impressed by superheroes who design and make their own costumes. I mean, yeah, you’ve got Tony Stark who’s a filthy-rich genius. Bruce Wayne’s pretty much the same. But I just watched Spider-man (the 2002 version with Toby Maguire) and was reminded that Peter Parker is not only very smart and a talented photographer, but also designs and constructs his own costume. Even if the suit really is just Lycra overlaid with some sort of rubber or silicone design for the web effects (which would provide an actual superhero with absolutely no protection whatsoever, but never mind that…), sewing a spandex body suit is not easy.

Check out this article about the making of Andrew Garfield’s suit for the most recent adaptation, The Amazing Spider-Man. As someone on the internet says, the suit (which I personally think is really cool) looks like it was made from a basketball, but it turns out the actual fabric is very thin. I imagine sewing basketballs would be tricky…

Anyhow, just a thought. Happy Sunday, everyone!


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