Brownie party!

So here I am, Sunday evening, rerererereading Harry Potter, and Hagrid busts down the door of the Hut-on-the-Rock and brings Harry his birthday cake, and I think, “Gee, chocolate sounds GREAT right now!”

So I’m baking Epicurious’ Best Cocoa Brownies (which are absolutely the best, by the way) and wearing my brand new


Photo Finish apron! I’ve never owned an apron but always get a kick out of wearing one when my friend and I have biscotti-baking parties, and since I had leftover referee fabric and nothing to do with it (erm, touchdown? foul ball?), this happened. I don’t know whether I’ll spend the time adding the diamonds, but it’s working diamond-less in the meantime. And I got to learn some new serger stitches in the process — rolled hem, whooooo!

On to Diagon Alley!


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