It’s still Jedi time!

Hello, readers! Long time, no post. . . as usual. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been off producing brilliant academic scholarship, but it’s more like I’ve been producing what a colleague described as dissertation spaghetti — there are some good individual thoughts in there, but right now it’s just a messy bowl of noodle-thoughts rather than an appetizing, and finished, meal.

…now I’m hungry. Good thing there are 5 different varieties of pie in my fridge.

And now, to cosplay! I’ve been plugging away at Jocasta:


The fabric is this slightly stretchy knit (not linen or raw silk, alas!), which has been interesting because stretchy fabrics have been on my Never Ever Touch list for a long time, with occasional appearances on the You Know, I Should Learn to Sew This list. Fortunately the serger can be set to accommodate stretchy stuff, and the obi and tabards are backed with interfacing which will reduce most of the stretch during the next step. I hope.

Note the Zefiris cosplay on the left: I’ve stuck it on the lamp because I have nowhere else to store it and it usually lives on the dress dummy. There’s a Pinterest project here, right? New uses for lamps?

Thought so.

So next up is putting the ansata, those black geometric designs, all over the obi and tabards. I’ve gotten as far as drawing out the designs for the obi:


…but have hit a snag because the tracing paper I have doesn’t agree with this particular fabric. So now it’s just a matter of getting the designs on the fabric and then topstitching the heck out of them! I’m thinking I may try the overhead projector method, because what good is a Latin classroom if you don’t use it for cosplay on the weekends?



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