I couldn’t remember how long it’d been since I’d posted here, and when I arrived the first thing I saw was “Happy Halloween”, so….that answers that question. Whoops. And so, an update on what I’ve been doing lately!

-I started giving sewing lessons to a professor’s 7-year-old son at the beginning of November. I don’t know what exactly inspired him to want to learn to sew, but he was extremely excited to begin learning, which is awesome. The list of challenges thus far has been topped by “straight lines”, which is understandable given that he sews about a million miles an hour — hey, it’s got a gas pedal, what can I say? We made a pillow case and have moved on to Angry Birds flannel pants, which would have been almost finished during our last lesson had I not been utterly defeated by the pattern pieces and directed him to sew them together backwards…or sideways, or something. In my defense, the last pair of pants I sewed was for Jun back in 2011. On the bright side, teachable moment: seam ripping!

-I’ve got all the fabric for Jocasta and have started working on the skirt. I decided to do it wrap-skirt style, so it’s a 5-yard circle-and-a-half of linen that weighs a ton. However, once it’s hemmed properly it will be all sorts of swirly, and then I can spin in circles and strike cool battle poses. Old lady Jedi librarians still strike cool battle poses, right?

-I survived my semester as a grader for a class I knew very little about: Food in the Ancient World. I was fine with both halves of that title, but it turned out the class started with the various scientific methods archaeologists use to assess remains (phytolith analysis, anyone?) and progressed to neanderthals and early homo sapiens (nice guys, if a bit dull), then on to the Neolithic Revolution (like any other revolution, but with more agriculture and fewer battle cries). And here I am, waiting for all those ancient people to start writing stuff down so I can actually be qualified to be in the room. Bring on the Greek historians!

-I’m applying for a fellowship for next academic year which would allow me to work solely on my dissertation rather than having to teach as well. Which would be AWESOME. Prayers, please!

-Last and best, I got a serger for Christmas!!!


Here he is next to Gandalf the White, my faithful sewing machine. I’m trying to come up with a name that plays on ‘Brother’, the serger brand, but all I’ve got so far is “Little Brother”, the dog from Mulan. Alternately, of course: Big Brother. I could put some of those googly eyes on it and see if anyone got the joke. My mom suggested Sergei, which would be pretty hilarious, too. So we’ll see. Suggestions?

Meanwhile, I serged Jocasta’s skirt after going out and buying $14 worth of black serger thread. Takeaway lesson: shop the sales.


And now it’s off to a dentist appointment where the hygienist will undoubtedly ask me, as she always does, whether I have a boyfriend yet or not. Perhaps I’ll tell her, yes, his name is Sergei.


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