Ears and a tail

<Jedi mind trick> It is still Monday. </Jedi mind trick>

So here I am with the promised Monday post, right on time! (See above) Since the last real post I’ve gone and stepped way out of my cosplay comfort zone to do an awesome character from one of my favorite webcomics, Fey Winds. The character is called Kit — she’s a fox who was turned into a human, and as a result, she’s not real big on clothes. I mean, they’re restrictive and warm and rub you in awkward places, so why bother? Right? The characters finally travelled to a snowy place and I was thrilled because Kit got an outfit that actually covers her stomach. And then the artist went and colored it a shade of green that doesn’t exist in the natural (read: fabric) world, which is about par for the Cosplay Problems course, although it’s a step up from Hair Can’t Physically Do That, You Know.

Since I’d already used up all my Give In To Despair cards on my dissertation, I decided to actually do one of her less covering outfits, figuring that if nothing else, it’d at least force me to work out. (It worked, incidentally.) So I went with this one instead:

Yep, I wore that. In public. Do cons count as public? I wore it in front of other people, at any rate! Between the thigh-high tights, arm warmers, bra extra-strap-a-ganza, and the fact that I wore the shorts about 3 inches higher than she does, it didn’t turn out to be as awkward as I expected. Also I glued the bra to myself using toupée tape, just in case.

This is the first cosplay I’ve made using entirely self-drafted patterns. I made up the arm warmer, boot cover, and leg patterns myself, cut apart a pair of old shorts for both layers of the shorts, and covered an old bra with fabric for the top. It was actually very affirming in the end, because drafting is something I’ve never felt very confident about. Here are some in-progress shots!

^I added extra wefts to the wig because she has SO MUCH HAIR. The wefts ended up being a slightly different shade than the wig (both claimed to be Arda’s Dark Copper Red, but…), so it gave her some highlights, which was fine with me.

^Ze boot covers! I loved doing these because they’re actually meant to be boot covers in the costume design. Thank you, Nicole, for making it easier!

^Wait, you thought clothing design was glamorous?

^The bottom half, complete with wacky leg things, wacky leg-thing-holder-uppers, boots, and fur-lined shorts. Confession: this was supposed to be a summer cosplay. Yanno, cool, good for hot weather? Yeah, not so much. I’m COVERED IN FUUUURRR!

^Arm warmers! Emphasis on warm.

^Ears! With special thanks to Karmada for providing the fox fur; without her, I’d have been stuck dyeing white fur orange. Seriously, internet, where is the fox fur hiding?

I wore the mostly-but-not-quite finished project to Jafax at the beginning of July. 5 people knew who I was, which for a small con and a character from a webcomic is awesome! Also 5 more than I expected! And here it is:

Image by Stuckey Media

Alas, you can’t see the tail, but I promise it’s there! Anyway, heat issues aside this was actually really fun to wear, except when I had to go to the bathroom. 😛 Up next I’d like to get vampire fangs for her so that her canines are more prominent; a girl at Jafax had some really nice ones and helpfully provided me with the website, so all I have to do is order them. She also carries two swords and a pouch, so I’ve got some prop-work to look forward to. And in the New Experiences department, she is supposed to have a massive scar running up her right side. Rigid collodion, here I come!

Meanwhile, I’m about to start a second dissertation chapter, and last week I applied for a Real Person Job at the university because the thought of teaching any more gives me anxiety issues. Fingers crossed, though it’s hard to type that way…

P.S. I’m learning HTML, so I wrote this whole post in the Text rather than the Visual box on WordPress. Kind of satisfying, actually!


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