Lolita photoshoot

Hi all!

I’m back from ACEN (and then some)! Had a great time traipsing around as Mami, Toph, and Kim Possible. I spent most of my weekend either haunting Karmada’s AA booth or else holed up in the CoStudio, the room dedicated to cosplay panels and workshops. That’s pretty much why I go to cons — derp it up with friends in cosplay, talk to other people about cosplay, and learn more about cosplay. Not that I like cosplay or anything. I went to panels on armor-making (out of everything from craft foam to actual metal), designing boot covers, embellishments, makeup (wow, is my makeup collection sorely in need of some new friends. Most of them from MAC.  ….or not). Also learned how to make scars and glue my bra to myself (I swear that last one is relevant)!

I managed to complete the first Mami rifle, then left it sitting in the back of the car after I got home, where the hot glue re-heated in the absurdly-hot temperatures and parts of the gun sort of oozed apart. Whoops… Good news is, I let it cool and it pretty much set itself back together; that which didn’t is an easy fix, just needs more glue. The only downside is that the PVC barrel re-glued itself a bit… erm… crooked. So no dramatic shots down the barrel of the gun, got it??

Speaking of dramatic shots, I did a photoshoot in my lolita with a friend about a month ago and she got me the pictures right after ACEN. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure! Ooooohs and aaaaaahhs encouraged, but not recommended.





Yup, I climbed a tree in that dress.


All photos are by Lauren Janicki and were taken in the Ann Arbor Nichols Arboretum. You can see more photos on my Facebook page.

Details on my next cosplay to come soon, I hope!


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