My Sewing Machine Hums in the Same Key As…

I’ve always liked doing musical things; I’ve played the violin since 4th grade, although lately I’ve not been practicing and I really need to get on that before I forget entirely. Wait, how many strings is this thing supposed to have? I also really love to sing — I get a lot of remarks on my singing at church, but I think that’s more because Catholics generally don’t sing, so I’m really easy to hear!

Anyhow, this leads me to today’s segment-which-probably-won’t-become-a-segment because, let’s be honest, I seem to be really terrible at keeping those up. This one should be pretty easy, though, since I pretty much listen to music constantly while I’m sewing. And so I give you…

My Sewing Machine Hums in the Same Key As…

Today’s song is…

PSY’s Gangnam Style.  I don’t care if it was a huge passing fad, I happen to love this song. I would also recommend his Right Now, Spit it Out, Passionate Goodbye (an awesome collab with Sung Si Kyung), and All Night Long. Alas, I am not a fan of his newest song, Gentleman.

Disclaimer: I love Kpop, but I don’t speak a word of Korean. If any of these songs is actually horribly offensive, I apologize — I have no idea what he’s saying in any of them except Gangnam Style.

Happy singing-and-sewing!


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