It’s kanzashi day!

Since I ran out of time in which to make an Easter dress/skirt, I’ve decided to do an Easter kanzashi instead.


Stay tuned to see how it develops and laugh at my frustration. Frustration #1: Apparently I don’t have any usable gold wire. Bah.

The kanzashi station, aka the floor:


11:41: So many glue gun strings!! Auuuggghhhh!!

11:53: Wow, why are the 1.5″ squares so much less…erm, square than the 2″ ones?

IMG_0474 (800x533)

12:03: Flowers-in-progress. Lunch time!

1:47: Flowers! Also, I tried braiding my lolita wig into roughly the same hairstyle I’m planning on wearing, except that the wig has three times as much hair as I do and it’s also three times as long as my hair.  And a funner color… *sigh* …Aaaaanyhow, at least I’ll have somewhere to stick the comb while I’m assembling the kanzashi.

IMG_0475 (800x533) IMG_0476 (800x533)

So, braiding wigs while the wig head is sitting your lap is HARD. I need a wig stand.

4:03: Just spent a very long time brushing out that wig. Wow…  In the meantime, kanzashi-in-progress:

IMG_0477 (800x533)

My original plan was to have long pieces of wire sticking out from either side to follow the braids up my head, and to put flowers/leaves/buds intermittently up the wires. However, my silver gardening wire looks really unprofessional and… just not good, so instead I’m just going to make individual flowers, leaves, and buds, and stick them on bobby pins.

6:26: …..guys, you have no idea how long I’ve been trying to do my hair. Actually, you do, because that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since I last checked in. Mostly, at least. Turns out (and I really should have known this) my hair is too thin for a braid to support the weight of the kanzashi; I think I’d need a comb with longer teeth, or else more hair. At least one of those I can get easily (and without putting on a wig). Anyhow, the moral of the story is, it’s dinner time and I have a new but, sadly, more boring hairdo. Picture to come.

Perhaps next time I will just make a lot of small bobby pins and clips and try that with the braids.. those out to stay in better. Maybe?


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