Grad conference!

I seem to remember this blog started with an academic component…something about a big long paper about smell in Roman literature? I figure all of my watchers are here for the cosplay/sewing/crafts, and not to read my extensive academic woes, so I haven’t bothered to say much on that side of things. Plus I think a few of my colleagues have seen this page, which is a terrifying thought. o_O

I would like to pull out the Latin-and-Greek in anime segment again–Le Chevalier d’Eon would be perfect for that–and of course musing on the dumb things grad school makes you do is always good times, so if you’re here for the “acadramia,” stay tuned!

In the perhaps less-than-dumb-but-somewhat-perplexing category are conferences, where groups of academics sit around and listen to each other read papers/give presentations about their current projects. In classics, it’s pretty much straight up paper reading with the occasional slide show if the paper is about archaeology, numismatics, architecture, etc. Conferences are one of those things you just accept about academia until you sit back and go “Really? Why are we doing this? Surely there’s a better way to network and get feedback that still provides free food?”

…..or maybe it’s just me, because I’m going to one in Philadelphia this weekend and have just finished editing my paper this morning. Whoooo! Neurosis and procrastination make you question pretty much everything, I suspect. (See Karmada’s “Five Stages of Cosplay” for further evidence.) Except free food. Grad students never question free food.

And so, without further ado, I will now read to you all my 20-minute paper on the smells of death/battlefields/rotting corpses in Latin epic no wait where are you going?? Come back!! LOOK I MADE A PRETTY COAT!


See you all when I get back!


2 thoughts on “Grad conference!

  1. I loved conferences in grad school!! I love them now. ‘Cause sometimes they give you free pens and post-it’s with the free food. Have fun! You’ll do great. And the coat looks spiff.

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