Cosplay: Angel

This is the first and last time there will ever be two posts in two days, but I just sent the next draft of my conference paper to my advisor, and while I’m waiting for feedback I figured I would type up my latest cosplay. Take your time with that feedback, Sensei. (Is that an appropriate term for a dissertation advisor? Would Shishou be more appropriate?)

[/language nerd].

So here she is, Angel from the show Angel Beats! No, I’m not really excited; the show actually has an exclamation point in its name. I’m not sure why… it’s actually kind of depressing. Angel Beats wheeeee death and the afterlife! *cough*


Whooo, I get to cosplay a 12-year-old! …wait, I’ve done that already.

This one’s Karmada’s fault, which is sort of a theme in my cosplaying. 😀 Also, I just like characters with white hair, so that made the decision pretty easy.  It’s not really a complicated outfit, but I had a lot of trouble with it for some reason. Box pleats, for instance, are weird, and do not actually get bigger the further down the skirt you go unless you actually design them that way. I made two versions of the skirt and decided that, with the rest of the outfit, the box-y one actually looks fine, but it was sort of an adventure getting there.


It looks better on me than on the hanger, I promise.

The coat…well…..I’m just bad at blazers. I don’t know why. They just elude me. I cannot find one that fits well and doesn’t pull in weird places. This one, for instance, (Simplicity 2446) had different pattern pieces for different cup sizes, and I ended up using two cup sizes smaller than I should have because it looked better that way. Yeah, I don’t know either.  On the other hand, this one was way better than the Vogue one I used for Fuu, but I think what I’m going to do, rather than reuse this pattern, is go to the Salvation Army, find a blazer that fits really well, and take it apart. Which will make me cry, but will also cause joyful frolicking in the future. And everyone likes joyful frolicking!


Almost done!

With tweaks:


Snazzy cuffs!

And a wacky bow. I bought the trim and some thin gold wire, then ran the wire through the trim so I could shape it into the funny angled-bow shape she’s got going on.


And done!


Five button holes and no problems. UNPRECEDENTED!

And lest we forget: white hair! Whooo!


Someone *coughMomcough* thinks I look scary with white hair, but I’m a fan anyway. I’m sure I won’t be in 40 years. 😀

There are no pictures of me in it yet, but I’m supposed to be meeting with a photographer this weekend, so stay tuned!



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