World Cosplay Summit

Just stopping in to say Congratulations!! to two of my cosplay friends, Karmada and LunaLadyofLight, whose cosplay team Karmaluna won the World Cosplay Summit Eastern Qualifiers at Katsucon on Saturday. Here is the Youtube video of their performance!

…and if you don’t speak cosplay, that was probably a whole bunch of nonsensical words. Basically, every year Japan hosts the World Cosplay Summit, WCS, where teams of cosplayers from various countries compete in both craftsmanship and performance. Because we’re masochists who like having people scrutinize our stitches as well as our ability to perform in wigs that could fall off at any moment. Whooo! Each country first holds its own set of preliminary rounds to determine who gets the honor of representing their country. Little does the rest of the country know this is going on. For all they know, we could be spies. o_O Oh dear, now I’ve said too much.

Anyway, the US has a number of regional champions who then compete in the finals. So Karmaluna, winners of the eastern regional, will be going to Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX, to compete in the finals. If they win, they get to go to Japan!

….and I’m totally coming along. Fair warning, guys!


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