The Friday Flower: Crossplay edition!

…eh, who am I kidding? The Friday Flower proper may never bloom again, but here’s a post, and it’s on a Friday, so… close enough!

Anyhow, I noted in my previous post that I’d like to crossplay Allen Walker from D.Gray-man eventually (read: this year!). I’ve got very little crossplay experience so far — I’ve done Jun from Cafe Kichijoji-de and that’s it, and I didn’t put a lot of effort into making myself look particularly masculine for that one. What can I say, he’s like 15 and cute. 😛 Then again, so is Allen…

Anyhow, this year I’ve resolved to get or make a chest binder, and tonight I did my first crossplay makeup test using this tutorial:  She says her DA screen name at the beginning of the tutorial, but there’s no way I could spell it properly, so… clicken ze linken!

Here’s me in the Allen wig:


Here’s me post-makeup, looking considerably more somber and, let’s face it, kind of ridiculous:


I should have done a smile photo as well, but oh well, the camera’s back in the bag now and safely hidden away where the cat can’t chew on the straps. *sigh*


-Making my eyebrows bigger really helped, but they’ll be white for the cosplay, so it’ll be interesting to see how the color change affects the overall look

-I put my glasses back on after taking this photo and suddenly looked a lot less masculine. Eh??

-I didn’t have any white powder for highlights, so I used beige eye shadow, and I think it was pretty much the same color as my foundation, so it didn’t highlight very well. White powder ahoy!

-Steven Page’s “Indecision” is a great song. I’ve had it on repeat for the last 15 minutes.


Happy Friday evening! I’m off to watch some more Merlin. ❤


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