Cosplay 2013

Happy 2013, everyone! Another year, another dozen costumes I’d like to make but won’t have time for! Still, I figured I should share a few upcoming hopeful-projects with you — maybe that’ll keep me accountable?

Right now I’m working on Angel from Angel Beats! It’s largely done, although I’ve made the skirt twice now and am not really happy with either version, so I may be trying yet again. The box pleats are fine, but getting them wider at the bottom than the top has proved very obnoxious. The coat is coming along — I did the cuffs yesterday and have to add the little tabs, and the pockets (fake pockets, oh the shame!). And then… white wig! I love white hair. Seriously, if I could dye my hair white and not look completely ridiculous, I’d do it.

Other potential 2013 cosplays include…

Allen Walker from D.Gray-man; I’ve got the wig for this one (note the hair colour!) and I’ll be breaking down and buying a chest binder shortly.. first I have to pay my Christmas break cat-sitter. o_O


Kit from the webcomic FeyWinds. I’ve been fabric-shopping for this one, but haven’t found anything I like yet. I did find one fabric that was the perfect colour and weave, but… it’s burlap. There is no way I’m making a cosplay out of burlap. So back to Field’s I go!


Libelle Phrotus from the webcomic Directions of Destiny. (I love webcomics!) I’ve got the wig and fabric for this.. I just need to do it!


Officer Jenny from Pokemon, because everyone needs a Pokemon cosplay!


I have more, but I’ll leave you with one I’d like to do but will probably never have the skill to make properly: Madame Vastra from Doctor Who.


…..oh yeah, and I’ll need to work on my dissertation, too.



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