Cosplay: Mami Tomoe

So it has been brought to my attention (by my conscience) that I never got around to writing a construction post for Mami Tomoe (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica), my most recent cosplay, which I debuted at AnimeWorld Chicago back in August with two friends.  And so, to remedy this gross error in judgment and upkeep of reader satisfaction, I give you… some highlights!

First, Mami:


That hair.. oy. Anyhow…


Boot covers! This costume included my first pair of boot covers, which I made under the watchful eye (and using the spare pleather) of Karmada from Crash Bang Labs. *Sends thankful vibes.* Pleather is… obnoxious. And stretches funny. On the other hand, twill, which is what the yellow part is made of, is not really meant to be part of a shoe cover, so either way it was kind of awkward getting everything to look nice. I ended up filling the yellow part full of stuffing to make it puff out more, which had a nice effect, I think, though it didn’t completely solve the problem.  But I’d call the a success in the end, even if I did have to cut up a pair of really nice leather cowboy boots. *moment of silence* Don’t tell the lady at the vintage store where I bought them; I think she’d kill me.

Gloves! I don’t have a closeup of the gloves, but I had to make a pair of fingerless gloves for this outfit, and wow, are gloves difficult. All those tiny seams… And then I tried to make two left hands and had to rip out a bunch of the tiny seams. *Twitch.* I sewed the around-the-finger-trim down on one side and then glued it down on the inside because tacking them down with thread seemed like too much work. Shame on me…

The Wig of DOOOOM!


Seriously, this was all sorts of challenging and I was ultimately less than satisfied with the outcome, although it’s sufficed so far and people seem really impressed with it, so.. yay? I used this tutorial to do the giant curls, using a Leia in Platinum Blonde from Arda; it involves sandwiching several long pieces of wire between pieces of packaging tape (you can see one of them in the picture above, on the right), sanding down the tape, and then gluing layer after layer of hair down until all the hair is used up. After that I wrapped the long stiff things of hair around a can of French-cut beans (the French-cut part was crucial, I promise) to get this:


Like I said, not completely happy with it. It’s not terribly smooth, and the inside of the curls buckled like mad when I curled them around the can. I’d like to do it over, but I haven’t felt like spending the money on another wig yet, so… some day. In the meantime I have a nice hat and hair poof, and Karmada made me a soul gem to go with it so I can wear my soul on my head like a proper Magical Girl.


I posted this one once before, I believe. I am really happy with how the corset turned out; the front of it has two panels: the under panels lace up and hold the thing shut because I have the worst luck with zippers breaking and I didn’t trust one for this. The outer panels are the ones you can see, overlaid with the little brown straps, and are held shut with velcro, while the straps/buckles are just decorative. I had to make the fake buckles (not pictured) using aluminum garden wire, but I think they turned out pretty well.


Here’s one of my favorite photos of the finished product from AWC, taken by M1Photo, who did a shoot with me there.  And one of the group, plus a Charlotte we met at the con:


(With Karmada as Madoka and Amanda as Homura; I didn’t get the Charlotte’s name, unfortunately).

We are currently working on our weapons and hoping to do a photoshoot at Shuto Con. Here’s a preview of my rifles, or at least the styrofoam base:


Post-Mami thoughts:

-How she does any World Saving, Witch Killing, or Apprentice Magical Girl Training in those curls, I have no idea… mine attacked me when I walked, let alone ran.

-I had to paint the white stripes onto those socks. Sooooo booorrriinnggg, and the paint bled through onto my longbow case, which I was using as a fake leg. 😛

-I made the shirt by disassembling a premade shirt I got at the Salvation Army and using it as pattern pieces, which I modified where necessary. It worked great. I should do that more often.

-French-cut beans. Just sayin’…

Sorry the Friday Flower has died.. I will do my best to revive it, although this week I’m going out of town so it probably won’t happen.


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