The Friday Flower: Summer Sun

My good friend Karmada over at Crash Bang Labs has suggested a weekly artist challenge of sorts; she puts forth a theme on Sunday or Monday of each week, and the idea is to produce something (a drawing, craft, poem or other piece of writing, etc.) based on the theme. It’s not a contest, but more of an artists’ accountability group to get us all working each week, because otherwise, let’s face it, we slack. A lot. My department has dissertators’ groups for this same reason. I’ll let you know how effective those are later…
I draw pretty poorly (although I enjoy doing it) and my main form of artistic expression, other than writing (which I haven’t done in ages, shame on me!) is sewing. I guess I could pick something small and do it each week, but otherwise a sewing project a week is a bit much with everything else I have going.  So instead, I’m going to try to do a kanzashi each week.

Tsumami kanzashi is the Japanese art of folding small, starched squares of fabric into different types of petals, then assembling them into flowers for your hair. Elaborate kanzashi sets are traditionally worn by maiko (apprentice geisha)–there are different flowers that are appropriate for each month, for instance.

I tend to do more “modern” kanzashi in that I’m making them for people to wear everyday; generally a bit more subtle. I would like to learn to do maiko sets someday, but for now I’m working on getting faster at assembling them. All those tiny squares…


So, anyhow, in the interests of giving me even more of a reason to participate, I figured I would post each week’s kanzashi here on Fridays, hence The Friday Flower.  This week’s theme was Summer Sun because, in addition to being slackers, artists are also in denial.


Pardon the picture, I took it on my kitchen counter. 😛  The posting of this picture also marks a momentous occasion: henceforth I will no longer be using shiny pretty brocades to make kanzashi. While they are shiny and pretty, they are also slippery and fray LIKE MAD. I’m going to look into kimono silk, which is what they’re usually made of, but cotton has also worked really well for me.

…oh yeah, I also survived the first week of the semester. Yay me!


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